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Main screen features


The main screen contains 4 pages that helps seeing your finance quickly. At the start always Transactions List page is displayed. You can change to Category Total, Period Pie Chart or Budget pages by swiping left or right, or pressing the page title on the page bar at the top of the screen.

Transactions List page consists of three section: Header, List and Footer. There are different functions that are activated by pressing the different parts of the page or the buttons.

Header section contains several functions. The first function is navigation. You can navigate between periods by pressing left and right arrow buttons. Second function is Add Bill/Income. You can add bill or income by pressing the related button. Third function is Number of Visible Period. You can cycle between number of visible period by pressing View button. You can sort the records in ascending/descending order using the sort button next to the list title.  The last feature is Calendar View. You can show or hide the Calendar View by pressing the calendar button or period dates. It shows the month calendar and marks the days with bill and/or income. If there is a bill due on the day you will see a red bar next to the day number and if there is an income due on the day you will see a green bar next to the day number.

List section contains several important functions.

  • You can mark a bill as paid/an income as received by pressing the red cross/currency next to it.
  • You can see bill/income detail through Quick View by pressing any bill or income transaction. If you entered any phone number, email address or web address on Notes field they are linked to Android functions and underlined. When you press a link on Notes field of Quick View dialog, a standard Android function called depending on the type of the link: Call for phone numbers, Mail app for email addresses and internet browser for web addresses.
  • Long press on any transaction shows an option menu that provides many important actions such as Edit, Delete, Attach Photo/File etc.

Footer section shows the period totals. Pressing any total value opens Summary View that shows period totals with bigger font.


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