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AdFree Subscription Additional Features


* What is AdFree Subscription?
-AdFree Subscription is the way to use MoBill without ads and to activate additional features.

* What are the additional AdFree Subscription features ?
There are quite a few additional features activated by AdFree Subscription. Some important ones are:

  • No ads
  • Cloud Sync. You can sync your data between your devices (it works between Android and iOS as well), share with other users
  • Web Interface. After activating Cloud Sync you can access your data through web app at from PC, Mac or any other device
  • Period outstanding balance carried over next period automatically (Opening Balance)
  • Budget entry and compare against actual
  • Reports that can be emailed
  • Decreasing Bill/Income that carries bill's outstanding balance to the next occurrence
  • "Month Weekday" repeat type to add bills/income occur same weekday of the month (e.g. every Third Wednesday)
  • "Days" repeat type to set repeat period by days (e.g. every 20 days)
  • Paid Amount entry separate than bill amount
  • Payment Reference entry
  • Auto Payment that marks bill as paid automatically on the due date
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Dropbox® backup
  • Google Calendar export
  • Improved Backup/Restore. You can save with any name and you can choose the backup file to be restored
  • Home screen widgets in different sizes that shows incoming bills and income, and total amounts due
  • Quick Bill Entry via Home screen widget
  • Additional period type (bi-monthly) cycles between 1st-15th of the month and 16th-last day of the month
  • Automatic backup scheduling

* Where can I buy AdFree Subscription?
-You can buy it through menu=>Buy AdFree Subscription screen inside MoBill. Alternatively you can buy at our web site at using your PayPal account

* What happens if I don't renew AdFree Subscription after my current subscription expires
-You will NOT lose any data you entered. Only Ads will become visible and extra features will be disabled. You'll continue to use standard features.

* I have another question
-There is an extensive online help at You can also email us any question at

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