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Backup / Restore DB


With Mobill, you can take a backup of your data into your SD card and restore your data from backup file. We strongly recommedn taking a regular backups and keep them outside of your device. The content of the backup file is always encrypted for the confidentiality so that it is not possible to see the data simply looking into the backup file.

You can take a backup your data or restore a backup file through menu=>Backup/Restore DB menu. The backup and restore operations always use MoBill folder in your device. 

In free version when you choose Backup DB option, a backup file will be created into MoBill folder and it is always named as mobill.bck. As it uses same file name it overrides existing file so that it is recommended to check if you have any older backup and keep a copy of old backup files.

AdFree Subscription activates backup file renaming. MoBill will show a default file name which contains the date but you will be able to rename it.

You can restore the data from a backup file by choosing Restore DB option. Restore option DELETES all existing data before restoring any data from backup so that I recommend you to keep separate backup of existing DB before start restoring. In free version MoBill always checks and uses mobill.bck file under MoBill folder and if it exists then asks you to confirm the operation. AdFree Subscription activates file selection, MoBill shows the list of backup files under MoBill folder and asks you to choose which backup files you want to restore.

Dropbox Backup is an AdFree Subscription feature that allows you to backup your database into and restore it from your Dropbox account directly. Using this feature you can copy your data between your devices. When you run it first time you will be asked for the authorization to access to your Dropbox account. MoBill can only access Apps\MoBill folder in your Dropbox account so that backup file will be created under this folder and will be restored from this folder. If you don't have Dropbox account you can get it from here

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