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Cloud Sync User Manual


IMPORTANT! Please take a backup of your data before start using Cloud Sync. It is always a good idea to be on the safe side

With MoBill Cloud Synchronisation (Cloud Sync) you can backup/restore your data to/from the secure cloud server; you can share and sync your data between your devices as well as with other users and you can access your data from any computer at The Cloud Sync feature is a part of the AdFree subscription and it is enabled automatically when AdFree subscription purchased.

Cloud Sync supports both automatic and manual syncing, meaning you can setup automatic synchronisation as well as initiate the sync process manually. The web app currently does not provide any function for adding, editing or deleting the data. However, in the future, more advanced features including the aforementioned functions will be introduced.

AdFree Subscription only enables Cloud Sync feature, it does NOT activate it as we believe copying and storing a sensitive financial data requires user’s consent. So that Cloud Sync must be activated on your device(s) by registering your device(s) through the Cloud Register screen. Registration links a device to your account and once a device is linked to your Cloud Sync account, it communicates with the cloud server without requiring you to enter the password again. Registration is required as an additional security measure in order to prevent others accessing your data.

Linking a new device to your existing cloud account requires you to enter the correct password that is set during Cloud account registration. If you forget your password it is not possible for us to tell you your password as all passwords are encrypted as soon as they entered, and you will need to reset your password, using the instructions given in the section 1.5 Forgot Password.

1.1 Create Account and Upload Initial Data

To start using Cloud Sync you first have to create your Cloud account. Whilst creating your account you set your Cloud password and then your initial data will automatically upload to the Cloud server. 
IMPORTANT! Use a device with the most up-to-date data to create your cloud account as the data in the device will be uploaded to the cloud server as your initial data!!!
 To create your cloud account and upload your data please follow the steps below: 
1.Go to menu=>Cloud Account screen 
2.It will display your active order number and email address which will be used as your MoBill Cloud identity. 
3.Enter your new password which must be at least 6 characters long and has to contain at least one lower letter, one capital letter and a number. 
4.Verify your password by entering it again and press the OK button to start your registration 
Following the successful registration, all of your data will be automatically uploaded to the Cloud server. Depending on your data, this initial data upload might take time. Once it is completed you will get a confirmation message and it will go back to the main screen. Congratulations, your cloud account is created and your data uploaded to the cloud server. If you want to check your cloud data, you can go to the web app site and sign in using your email address and your cloud password.

1.2 Linking New Device

To link another device to your Cloud Sync account, you need to register it using your cloud password. Please make sure you have your AdFree Subscription activated on the device that will be linked.
IMPORTANT! Linking a device to an existing Cloud Sync account WIPES all of the data in that device first. Then your cloud data will be downloaded and restored automatically. To link another device, please follow the steps below:
1. Go to menu=>Cloud Account screen
2. It will display your active order number and email address will be used as your MoBill Cloud identity.
3. Enter your cloud password into both password fields
4. Our server will validate your AdFree licence and your password
5. If the validation is successful, all of the data in your Sync account will be downloaded to your device

1.3 Linking another account

Cloud Sync allows you to share and sync your data with other accounts that have AdFree Subscription. This way you will have a shared budget and will see same data in both accounts.
IMPORTANT! When you add another account into the share, they will lose any data they entered under their account.
1. If a share account is already Cloud registered, it should be unlinked first. To unlink a device go to menu=>Cloud Account screen on the registered device.
2. Go to and login your account
3. Go to Settings page
4. Press Add Share… button and type the email address of the share account. The server will validate the AdFree Subscription of the email address and will add the account into the Cloud Sync Shared Users section, following the validation.
5. Link the device of the share account with Cloud by applying the steps in 1.2 Linking New Device section

1.4 Syncing Your Data

You can sync your data automatically as well as manually. An Auto Sync activated device sends the updated data to the cloud server automatically and receives any changes from the server automatically.
Auto Sync is activated when you link your device with your Cloud account. However, you can also turn it on/off through Auto Sync flag on the Cloud Registration screen. If you turn Auto Sync off, it also stops the device from receiving the changes automatically.
IMPORTANT! Auto Sync requires internet connection on the device in which the data changed. If you update any data while there is no internet connection Auto Sync does not start or schedule the sync process. Thus you will need to start the synchronization manually by choosing menu=>Cloud Sync option once you have an internet connection.
Auto Sync schedules the data transfer based on 30-second window. A 30-second sync window starts when you make any changes to your data. At the end of 30-second window, your data is synchronized with the cloud server automatically providing you have an internet connection. Any additional data change within the 30-second window is also included into the sync process.
Although Auto Sync updates your data automatically, you can run manual Cloud Sync any time if you want to make sure your device is up-to-date.
IMPORTANT! Cloud Sync uses first-sync-wins conflict resolution. If the same transaction is updated on two devices, the update in the first synchronized device overrides the others. For example, you mark your bill as paid on your phone and update its amount on your tablet. If you sync your phone, the tablet will lose the updated amount and will get the bill marked as paid.

1.5 Forgot Password

If you forget your password you can reset it through the Forgot Your Password link on the web app login page at The reset process consists of two main steps: first you request a password reset and then reset your password following the link sent to your email. The password reset link is valid for one hour due to security reasons and it is a single-use link and it will become invalid as soon as you use it. If you don’t reset your password within an hour the link will become invalid automatically.

MoBill-Synchronisation-User-Manual.pdf MoBill-Synchronisation-User-Manual.pdf

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