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How do I transfer my data from old phone to new phone


You need to take a backup on your old phone and restore it in your new phone.

In free version it can be done by following the steps below:

  1. On your old phone open MoBill and run menu=>Backup/Restore Db=>Backup Db To Disk. It will ask you file name, Once you confirm, it will take a backup and write it into file under MoBill folder
  2. Copy backup file into MoBill folder in your new phone
  3. On your new phone run menu=>Backup/Restore Db=>Restore from Disk and choose the backup file you copied

If you have AdFree Subscription and a Dropbox account:

  1. On your old phone menu=>Backup/Restore Db=>Dropbox Backup and choose backup
  2. On your new phone menu=>Backup/Restore Db=>Dropbox Backup and choose restore
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