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How do I transfer my data from old phone to new phone



In free version and/or with AdFree Subscription:

  1. On your old phone open MoBill and run menu=>Backup/Restore DB=>Backup DB. If you have AdFree Subscription you will be asked a file name, otherwise MoBill will use mobill.bck as a file name. The backup is saved into MoBill folder in your old phone
  2. Copy the backup file into MoBill folder in your new phone.
  3. On your new phone run menu=>Backup/Restore DB=>Restore DB. In free mode MoBill will look for mobill.bck under MoBill folder and will restore it automatically. If you have AdFree Subscription you will get the list of available backup files.


With AdFree Subscription

     If you have Cloud Sync activated and your Cloud data is up-to-date then when you link your new phone to your Cloud account, your data will be downloaded automatically. Please see Cloud Sync User Manual for details

     If Cloud Sync is not active then either you can follow the steps above for free version or you can transfer your data through your Dropbox account following these steps:

  1. On your old phone menu=>Backup/Restore DB=>Dropbox Backup and choose backup
  2. On your new phone menu=>Backup/Restore DB=>Dropbox Backup and choose restore
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