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Decreasing Bill


Decreasing Bill ( or Income) is an AdFree features.

Using Decreasing Bill you can enter total value of the bill and track the outstanding balance as you pay the partially. Decreasing Bill can only be used with a repeating bill as MoBill uses Repeat type to calculate the due date, therefore the recurrence must be different than None. When you enter a payment, MoBill calculates outstanding amount of the bill automatically and adds a new bill with the outstanding amount into the calculated due date. When the bill is paid in full, MoBill does not add a recurrence any more.

For example, you have a bill with total amount $1000 and you pay back in monthly installments with different amounts. These are the steps to add it as a Decreasing Bill:

  1. Choose "+ Bill" on main screen
  2. Fill in Description and enter $1000 into Amount field, change Recurrence to Monthly, choose the due date, for our example let say 5 August 2012, and mark Decreasing Bill option at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Press Save, Now there must be decreasing bill mark (brown decreasing arrow  ) next to the bill description on the main list.
  4. To enter the first paid amount mark the bill as paid and enter $25 into paid amount field. Now August occurrence of the bill is marked as paid and amount turned into $25. When you look at the Quick View of this bill by pressing it must shows Amount : $1000 and Paid Amount: $25 - Decreasing Bill
  5. Change period to the next month
  6. A new bill will be added at 5th September 2012 with Decreasing Bill flag checked and the remaining amount $975
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