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There are 3 types of periods in MoBill. Monthly and Weekly periods are standard but Bimonthly period is activated by AdFree Credits.

Monthly period starts from first day of the month and ends at the last day of the month. A first day of the month is 1 for standard mode but when AdFree Credits added, it activates First Day of Month setting and A first day of the month is set to this setting. For example, if you set this parameter to 27, your month period starts from 27th of the month and ends 26th of the following month.

Weekly period starts at the first day of the week which can be set in Settings and ends 7 days later.

Bimonthly (or twice a month) period is activated by AdFree Credits. This period is between 1st and 15th days or 16th and the last day of the month.

When AdFree™ is purchased, Opening Balance calculation, which carries balance forward, is activated. MoBill calculates previous periods balance and show it at the top of the list with "Opening Balance" description. Calculation adds up all bills and received income and creates virtual record to show the opening balance. Virtual record means actually no record created or updated in your database. You can enable or disable it via Settings=>Period Settings=>Show Opening Balance.

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